Four generations of the Klein-Harris family represent a century of ΦBKs. Charles E. Davis (ΦBK, Denison University, 1912), Norma Davis Vavra Klein’s uncle, was the first to become a member. The next three generations are pictured left to right: Wallace G. Klein (ΦBK, Washington University-St. Louis, 1947), his wife Norma Davis Vavra Klein (ΦBK, University of Colorado, 1949), granddaughter Erin M. Harris (ΦBK, Lawrence University, 2015), daughter Susan J. Vavra Harris (ΦBK, Oberlin College, 1983), and granddaughter Rebecca M. Harris (ΦBK, Washington University-St. Louis, 2010). Susan’s sister is also a member, Linda A. Vavra Franklin (ΦBK, Oberlin College, 1981).


    Judith Sosebee Prince was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in 1973 at the University of Georgia. UGA established the Alpha of Georgia Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in 1914. Her son, Philip Sosebee Prince, was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Furman University in 2004. The Gamma of South Carolina Chapter was established at Furman University in 1973. Judith earned a Doctorate in Education from the University of Georgia, and Philip earned a PhD in Geosciences from Virginia Tech. Judith adds, “Our family has come a long way as my parents had only sixth grade educations!”


    Arielle Sitrick celebrates being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, just as her mom and her aunt before her! Pictured L-R: Mother, Miriam Goslins (ΦBK, Univeristy of California-Los Angeles, 1970), daughter Arielle Sitrick (ΦBK, University of Southern California, 2017), Aunt Rosecarrie Brooks (ΦBK, University of Southern California, 1968).