Proud mother and grandmother Sally Mayock Hartley (ΦBK, Mills College, 1948) poses with son Jim Hartley (ΦBK, Stanford University, 1980) and grandson Nick Hartley (ΦBK, Stanford University, 2016). This Phi Beta Kappa family represents the impressive breadth and diversity of a liberal arts and sciences education: Sally studied history and government at Mills, while at Stanford her son focused on civil engineering and Italian and grandson Nick majored in product design combined with anthropology. 


    Grandmother Nancy Bergmans Reed of California is shown with grandchildren Erik and Emily Matson of Virginia. Nancy was a 1960 honors graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (in three years) and an inductee of the Alpha of California chapter. She subsequently finished two master's degrees in English as a second language (UCLA) and family and community counseling (Northeastern Illinois University). Grandson Erik Matson is a December 2012 magna cum laude graduate of George Mason University in economics and an inductee of the Omicron of Virginia chapter. He is scheduled to finish his PhD in economics in 2017. Emily Matson is a May 2012 summa cum laude graduate of The College of William and Mary in East Asian studies and an inductee of the Alpha of Virginia chapter. She has finished her course work for her PhD in modern Chinese history at the University of Virginia and is continuing the research for her dissertation.


    Pictured left-to-right are Christine Jean Sobek (ФВК, Purdue University, 1976), Jean Stamy Sobek (ФВК, University of Iowa, 1946), Joseph Kenton “Kenny” Sobek (ФВК, Xavier University, 2014), and Amelia Sobek Anderson (ФВК, Indiana University, 2016). Education remains a priority for the Sobeks. Christine Sobek earned an MA from Michigan State University (1978) and an EdD from Northern Illinois University (1996), and she has served as president of Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, Illinois, since 2001. Kenny Sobek earned an MPIA from the University of Pittsburgh (2016), and is currently employed in Washington, DC. Amelia Anderson plans to attend medical school. Grandma Jean is very proud of her daughter, granddaughter, and grandson!