Voices and Ideas

  • On a Mission

    Lee Panich (ΦBK, Brown University) digs for a middle ground complicating the realities of Spanish missionization and Native Californians’ existence.

  • Perspective, Politics, and Pedagogy

    For Stu Lourey (ΦBK, Carleton College) a liberal arts education does more than teach you how to think. It teaches you to ask good questions...

  • Michigan Opera Theater's David DiChiera

    DiChiera (ΦBK, UCLA) advocated for the arts and was adamant that the overall health of a city was intrinsically related to its artistic production and activity.

  • George H.W. Bush

    George H.W. Bush, ΦΒΚ from Yale in 1948, remembered for service and upstanding model of statesmanship…

  • I Can Still Do Everything

    Katie Laurel Wells (ΦBK, The University of the South) turns the story of her disability into a book for children and a mission to educate.

  • Lindsay Tigue Receives P.E.O. Award

    Tigue (ΦBK, Michigan State University), a PhD student at the University of Georgia, will use the $15,000 award to help further her studies.