“That language is so last century”: A Look at Trends in College Language Study

Much like bellbottoms and legwarmers, languages have gone in and out of style. Take a closer look at the statistics, and the causes, for these evolving trends.

Problems with Online Education Haven’t Discouraged Its Supporters

Excitement surrounding MOOCs and the companies providing them, like Coursera, is growing. But how does this form of instruction compare to the traditional classroom?

No Higher Honor

Phi Beta Kappa member Condoleezza Rice publishes a highly-anticipated memoir of her years serving in the Bush administration.

The Value of the Unreadable

Theory does not have to engage the reader in a linquistic wrestling match. Maybe it’s the ideas the reader should be thinking about, not the grammar and sentence structure.

George Mason University To Establish Phi Beta Kappa Chapter

Mason has a strong and balanced program in general education and a host of undergraduate majors that actively carry out the liberal educational goals of Phi Beta Kappa.

Catherine White Berheide, Phi Beta Kappa’s New Vice President

Her vision will increase the involvement of members in the society’s activities and further the society’s support of a broad, liberal education.

Creighton University Installs New Chapter

Creighton educates students broadly in the liberal arts and fosters a passion for lifelong learning. Their new chapter will serve to reaffirm those values.

Author and Illustrator Bethanie Deeney Murguia

I am proud of my liberal arts background. We need to be thinkers as well as great technicians in the mediums we choose.

2012 Sibley Fellowship in French Studies

Jillian Rogers, a doctoral candidate at UCLA, will be using her $20,000 stipend to conduct research in Paris on French composer Maurice Ravel.

The Rise of the E-Book

While e-books are a logical progression in instructional technology, e-publishing poses a problem for academic texts.

The Fight for Foreign Language Programs in a Multilingual World

The strength of foreign language programs in the U.S. is waning, but it is essential to realize that the world is not becoming any more monolingual.

Judith F. Krug Medal

Joseph W. Gordon, Dean of Undergraduate Education at Yale, is the first recipient of the Krug Medal for exceptional service to Phi Beta Kappa.