Writing Internships

Intern with a nationally recognized organization in Washington, D.C., without having to leave your home campus!

George N. Leighton

Judge, professor of law, and civil rights advocate George N. Leighton (ΦBK, Howard University, 1972) is a legal legend who made a difference in the lives of hundreds of Americans.

Following the Truth

The struggle that UVA went through is symbolic of the struggles public universities face as state funding shrinks and the direction of education is questioned.

Meet Our New President

Katherine Soule, Director of Arts and Sciences Finance and Research Administration at Dartmouth College, is ΦBK’s new president.

The Mash-Up Novel: A Modern Twist on Old Classics

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Android Karenina, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. What’s up with the mash-up?

Landmark Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care Reform

All five Justices who upheld the Affordable Care Act are Phi Beta Kappa members.

Checking Us Out?

Phi Beta Kappa joins Sigma Xi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Phi Kappa Phi in a statement about college honor societies.

Phi Beta Kappa Poems

Former U.S. poet laureate Daniel Hoffman recently shared a copy of his Phi Beta Kappa poem with us, commissioned by the chapter at Swarthmore.

ΦBK Women Who Shake the World

Newsweek’s 2012 list of “150 Fearless Women” includes profiles of four Phi Beta Kappa members.

The American Scholar Brings Home Another “Ellie”

The American Scholar has received a 2012 National Magazine Award for Digital Media for its weekly blog “Zinsser on Friday.”

Choosing a College: Why Phi Beta Kappa Matters

Only by choosing to attend a Phi Beta Kappa institution can you aspire to membership in this selective organization.

The Founding of Phi Beta Kappa

Read about the founding of Phi Beta Kappa in a recent issue of Colonial Williamsburg Magazine.