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Current Issue

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From the Secretary: The Relevance of Academic Freedom

Phi Beta Kappa recognizes academic excellence, a mission that is wholly consistent with admitting diverse and inclusive entering classes. Indeed, our claim to be honoring the most accomplished liberal arts and sciences students in the country requires that the graduating classes that produce our newest members include students from a wide range of backgrounds.

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Not a Prize but a Calling: Winter Updates

At Harvard’s 2022 ΦBK induction, renowned sociologist and political scientist Theda Skocpol reminded us that academic achievement and accolades “are not a prize; they are a calling to do one’s utmost to serve the common good.” As ΦBK celebrates its 246th anniversary this winter, Skocpol’s words are an important reminder of the benefits of liberal arts and sciences education for individuals and communities.

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2022 Book Awards

Phi Beta Kappa is pleased to announce the winners of the Society’s three annual book awards, $10,000 prizes given to outstanding works of non-fiction that engage a wide audience with important ideas in science, history, and literature. 

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ΦBK Visiting Scholar Kathryn Lofton at Albion College

“The students I met at Albion were inspired,” Lofton said. “I visited a class where they discussed Tolstoy on nonviolence and another where they examined the social construction of gender using the Kardashians. The conversations were so vital I have returned to them repeatedly, so glad I had the opportunity to learn with them.”