Book Reviews

The Naked Neanderthal cover image

The Naked Neanderthal: A New Understanding of the Human Creature

Ludovic Slimak. Pegasus Books, 2024. 193 pages. $29.95.

Inside the Spiral book cover

Inside the Spiral: The Passions of Robert Smithson

Suzaan Boettger. University of Minnesota Press. 2023. 415 pages. $34.95. 

From Scarsdale: A Childhood

Dan O’Brien. Dalkey Archive Press, 2023. 216 pages. $16.95.

Matisse: The Only Blue

Matisse: The Only Blue

Laura Marello. Guernica World Editions, 2022. 136 Pages. $17.95.

Getting to Good Friday book cover

Getting to Good Friday:  Literature and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland

Marilynn Richtarik. Oxford University Press, 2023. $40.00.

The Archivists

The Archivists: Stories

Daphne Kalotay. Northwestern University Press, 2023. 221 pages. $20.00.

Time and Knoxville cover image

Of Time and Knoxville: Fragment of an Autobiography

Anne W. Armstrong. Linda Behrend, editor. University of Tennessee Press, 2022; illustrated. $34.95

Fallen Angel cover

Fallen Angel: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

Robert Morgan. Louisiana State University Press, 2023. 382 pages; 33 Illustrations. $39.95.

Song of Simon de Montfort cover image

The Song of Simon de Montfort: England’s First Revolutionary and the Death of Chivalry

Sophie Thérèse Ambler. Oxford University Press, 2019. 428 pages. $29.95.

Growing Up in the Ville cover image

Growing Up in The Ville in St. Louis, Missouri

Pauline Estelle Merry. Great Tales Well Told Publishing, 2022. 192 pages. $24.95.

Caretaker cover image

The Caretaker: A Novel

Ron Rash. Doubleday, 2023. 252 pages. $28.00.

Origin cover image

Origin: A Genetic History of the Americas

Jennifer Raff. Twelve Books, 2022. 360 pages. $30.00.