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Nicholas Johnson photo

Princeton Student Makes History as First Black Valedictorian

Nicholas André G. Johnson graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton in May 2020. He begins his Ph.D. studies at MIT in the fall.

Mother and Daughter Duo Graduate from Ivy League

Arielle Pierson (ΦBK, University of Pennsylvania) and her mother, Stephanie Pierson, both celebrated their graduation on May 18.

ΦBK Doctor and Medical Reporter Joins NYU Health

After working at WABC-TV’s Eyewitness News for 30 years, Jay Ben Adlersberg (ΦBK, University of Pittsburgh) recently joined NY Health to continue to serve the community.

ΦBK Inductee Helps Liberian Students Pursue STEM

Michelle Chan (ΦBK, Columbia University) has been involved with the I-HELP Liberia Project since 2015. Now she is directing their program for students pursuing careers in medicine.

Facets of an Academic’s Life, A Conversation with Michael Wertheimer

“A broad liberal education can be exceedingly valuable to any citizen for whatever they become expert in.” —Michael Wertheimer (ΦΒΚ, Swarthmore College)