Call for Book Reviewers

Our “Life of the Mind” program covers books in the liberal arts and sciences that we believe would interest Phi Beta Kappa members and that we would like to recommend to our readers.  

Our reviewers are scholars and specialists, but they must be able to write for a very broad audience, one that looks to Phi Beta Kappa to provide an on-going intellectual experience that is both substantive and stimulating.  

Reviews are published in The Key Reporter online, the companion website to the Society’s quarterly publication for members (circulation 500,000+). 

Due to space restrictions, reviews are not published in the print edition of The Key Reporter. Specific titles and book covers are highlighted in each issue, and readers are directed by QR code and URL to the book reviews home online.

Review Guidelines

Our reviewers select the books they would like to cover and may choose titles from a list provided by the editor, or they may suggest books they would like to review (subject to approval).

Review copies may be requested for you from the publisher or mailed from Phi Beta Kappa’s national office in Washington, D.C.

The reviews we publish are relatively brief, usually 600-800 words in length. We follow Chicago style, with a few exceptions for our house style. Notes and page citations are discouraged.

There are no set submission deadlines for reviews, but the editor will expect a review within one month after you have received a book from the program. The average reviewer submits 3-6 reviews per year. 

How to Apply

If you are interested in reviewing for us, contact the editor at

You must be a graduate student or a resident member of Phi Beta Kappa at one of our chapter-sheltering institutions. (Preference will be given to doctoral students and Phi Beta Kappa members.)

Writing samples may be requested as part of our evaluation process.