Don’t Take a Summer Vacation from Advocacy

Thank you to Phi Beta Kappa members who sprang into action to support the liberal arts and sciences this spring. Your efforts build upon Phi Beta Kappa’s storied tradition of advocacy, reflected in the significant role the Society played in the founding of the National Endowments for the Humanities (NEH) and Arts (NEA) more than 50 years ago.

In May, Congress approved short- term funding for the federal government through September that included $149.8 million for each endowment (a slight increase over last year) and $7.472 billion (also a small increase) for the National Science Foundation. These successes underscore the impact of your letters, phone calls, and visits. 

Given the ongoing uncertainty affecting federal spending priorities, your continued vigilance is important. Congressional attention will turn shortly to the FY2018 budget appropriations process. If you support federal funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences, this summer is a critical time to contact your members of Congress.  

Our colleagues at the National Humanities Alliance and Americans for the Arts created new action centers to help you keep saving the NEH and NEA this summer. In addition, Americans for the Advancement of Science put together new resources to help you become an effective “force for science.”

You can access all of these materials from the resources section on Phi Beta Kappa’s Arts & Sciences Are Key toolkit at Phi Beta Kappa is committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to advocate successfully for the liberal arts and sciences.