Key People: Michele Dobbins

“Two things really stand out to me about the Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internship Program: It connected me with brilliant people, and it enhanced my writing skills.

Interviewing professors and administrators who are passionate about a liberal arts and science education made me even more proud to be pursuing my degree. Even more importantly, it is very inspiring to see how many successful Phi Beta Kappa members use their education to better the world.

Professionally, the flexibility of working remotely also came with an added responsibility that made me conscious of staying on top of deadlines, analyzing material to create a story, and thinking of important and creative topics—all of which are invaluable life and professional skills for me now!

I consider myself lucky to be part of ΦBK. Thank you to all of the members who came before me and supported the Society. Your donations to the organization make programs like my internship possible.”

— Michele Dobbins
    (ΦBK, University of Arkansas, 2016)

Michele Dobbins joined the ΦBK Writing Internship Program in the spring of 2017 while still a student at the University of Arkansas. She became a ΦBK member there in 2016, during her junior year. After completng her bachelor’s degree in English this spring, Michele took another internship, this time in New York City. She has since relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, for her first full-time job with W. W. Norton. As a College Sales Representative, Michele engages with textbooks across all disciplines—another reason, she says, having the kind of broad educational background that ΦBK requires is so helpful! In the photograph, she is standing next to the certificate she received after completing our internship program.  

Would you like to gain professional experience and contacts by working with Phi Beta Kappa? Apply for a 2018 ΦBK Writing Internship!

The dealine for internshps starting in January 2018 is Novemver 10, 2017