Keys to Action Week: Let’s Make 241 Super

By Anne Tria Wise

In challenging times, how can we make our 241st anniversary count for more? Join Phi Beta Kappa from December 4-9 for an action-packed week, Keys to Action. 

Five students at the College of William & Mary founded Phi Beta Kappa during the American Revolution because of their devotion to the pursuit of personal freedom, scientific inquiry, liberty of conscience, and creative endeavor through liberal education and intellectual fellowship. It is a storied legacy for bright futures that speaks directly to many key issues the country faces now. 

From devastating natural disasters to turmoil on campuses, 2017 has certainly felt like a year of epic proportions. As we take stock of the challenges ahead, our anniversary on December 5 offers a reason to connect with fellow Phi Beta Kappa members, speak up for the liberal arts and sciences, and support the Society’s important work in our times. 

Whether you have only a few minutes or can spare a few hours, you will find plenty of suggestions to make an impact, have some fun, meet other members, and perhaps even learn something new. Or, come up with your own ways to celebrate this week. 

How will you become a Key to Action? Visit for more ideas. Share your photos, quotes, and stories with us by tagging #PBKKeystoAction, #PBKSelfKey or #PBK241. You can also follow along by visiting @PhiBetaKappa on Facebook and Twitter. 

Anne Tria Wise is the Director of the National Arts & Sciences Initiative at Phi Beta Kappa. She can be reached at (202) 745-3230 or