The Deep Value of the Liberal Arts

Rhodes College: Communities in Conversation Jan. 15, 2015 – SCOTT SAMUELSON from Eric Swartz on Vimeo.

Scott Samuelson (ΦBK, Grinnell College, 1995), author of The Deepest Human Life: An Introduction to Philosophy for Everyone (University of Chicago Press, 2014), recently gave a lecture at Rhodes College on “The Deep Value of the Liberal Arts” sponsored, in part, by the Teagle Foundation.

Samuelson’s work has been warmly received by his fellow members from the Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Rhodes, who recommend his lecture in support of liberal arts education to all Phi Beta Kappa members. 

Samuelson earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Emory University. He lives in Iowa City, Iowa, where he teaches philosophy at Kirkwood Community College and is a movie reviewer, television host, and sous-chef at a French restaurant.