2020-2021 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholars Announced

The Phi Beta Kappa Society is pleased to announce the appointment of 16 Visiting Scholars for 2020-2021.

Since 1956, the Society’s Visiting Scholars Program has been offering undergraduates the opportunity to spend time with some of America’s most distinguished scholars. The purpose of the program is to contribute to the intellectual life of the institution by making possible an exchange of ideas between the Visiting Scholars and the resident faculty and students.

Each year, members of the Committee on the Visiting Scholars Program select top scholars in the liberal arts and sciences to travel to universities and colleges where Phi Beta Kappa chapters are located. Visiting Scholars spend two days on each campus meeting informally with undergraduates, participating in classroom lectures and seminars, and giving one major lecture open to the academic community and general public.

The 2020-2021 Visiting Scholars will make over 100 visits during the academic year, with the majority of them participating in our podcast Key Conversations with Phi Beta Kappa


2020-2021 Visiting Scholars

Joseph E. Aldy, Professor of the Practice of Public Policy, Harvard University

Corey Brettschneider, Professor of Political Science, Brown University

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn, Professor of Geography, Indiana University Bloomington

Karen Fleming, Professor of Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University

Martin Gruebele, James R. Eiszner Endowed Chair in Chemistry, University of Illinois

Roger Guenveur Smith, Actor, Writer, and Director

Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel, Marta S. Weeks Chair in Latin American Studies, University of Miami

Douglas S. Massey, Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University 

Tracey L. Meares, Walton Hale Hamilton Professor, Yale Law School

Peter Meineck, Professor of Classics in the Modern World, New York University

Ken Ono, Thomas Jefferson Professor of Mathematics, University of Virginia

Richard Prum, William Robertson Coe Professor of Ornithology, Yale University

Evie Shockley, Professor of English, Rutgers University

Joan Waugh, Professor of History, UCLA

Janet Westpheling, Professor of Genetics, University of Georgia

Susan R. Wolf, Edna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil