Welcome to Our Newest Phi Beta Kappa Members

Mercer Induction 2023

Spring into summer is typically the busiest time on chapter campuses, with more than 290 chapters inducting new Phi Beta Kappa members at ceremonies across the country as the academic year draws to a close. This year, as last year, we are pleased to welcome nearly 20,000 new student members who have excelled in their study of the liberal arts and sciences. 

The induction ceremony is indeed a special event, with Rick Van Kooten, Executive Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University noting, “The Phi Beta Kappa ceremony is one of the highlights of the academic year. It is a time when the College gathers to celebrate our outstanding students, who are the heart—and the future—of the College.” 

This season in particular is even more joyous, with nearly all chapters returning to in-person induction ceremonies. As testament to Phi Beta Kappa’s enduring history, the University of Arkansas chapter proudly marked 91 years of students signing the same roll book, and six  chapters—Cornell College, Davidson College, Drake University, Gettysburg College, University of Maine, and University of Oregon—celebrated 100 years of welcoming members.

We know all of our chapters strive for an induction ceremony that melds the unique identity of the chapter with the values of the Society. Mercer University, for example, provides their inductees with the opportunity to hear from distinguished voices in the liberal arts and sciences through its annual Malcolm Lester Phi Beta Kappa Lectures on Liberal Arts and Public Life. This year, Phi Beta Kappa Senator Ronald Crutcher, a national leader in higher education and recent president of the University of Richmond, offered three lectures, including an address to Mercer students on the theme of “America’s Achilles Heel: Inequity in Education as a Mortal Threat to Democracy.” 

In summing up the achievements of new Brandeis University chapter members, Eva Bellin, the Myra and Robert Kraft Professor of Arab Politics and president the Brandeis chapter, shared the following, a sentiment that rings true for all of our newest members: 

“They have shown themselves to be exceptional scholars. Their commitment to reach beyond the classroom in pursuit of interdisciplinary learning and intellectual curiosity reflects the very essence of the society’s values.”

If you are one of our most recent inductees, congratulations on your remarkable accomplishment. We encourage all of our members to keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming local events and to join us on social media, especially on LinkedIn, where our virtual community has grown to 50,000 strong. If you are a long-standing member, please know that your contributions to the Society allow us to help cover the lifetime membership fee for students experiencing financial hardship. 

There is much to celebrate as we welcome our new members—thank you to all who make it possible! 

Mercer University’s 2023 Phi Beta Kappa inductees with this year’s Malcom Lester Lecturer Ronald Crutcher (front row, right). Crutcher is a Phi Beta Kappa senator and former president of the University of Richmond.