Book Reviews

Alice James, A Biography

Jean Strouse. Preface by Colm Toibin. New York Review Books, 2011. 372 pp. $17.95.

Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America

Richard White. W.W. Norton &Company, 2012. 720 pages. $35.00.

Speculating Daguerre: Art and Enterprise in the Work of L.J. M. Daguerre

Stephen C. Pinson University of Chicago Press, 2012. 313 pages. $65.00.

The Life and Art of Luca Signorelli

Tom Henry. Yale University Press, 2012. 472 pages. $85.00.

The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean

David Abulafia. Oxford University Press, 2011. 805 pages. $34.95.

Mobile Screens: The Visual Regime of Navigation

Nanna Verhoeff. Amsterdam University Press. Distributed by University of Chicago Press, 2012. 212 pages. $35.00.

Becoming Dickens: The Invention of a Novelist

Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2011. 400 pages. $29.95.

Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm. Hill and Wang, 2012. 254 pages. $22.00.

The Rise of Nuclear Fear

Spencer R. Weart. Harvard University Press, 2012. 367 pages. $21.95.

The Universe in Zero Words: The Story of Mathematics as Told through Equations

Dana Mackenzie. Princeton University Press, 2012. 224 pages. $27.95.

The Beekeeper’s Lament: How One Man and Half a Billion Honey Bees Help Feed America

Hannah Nordhaus. Harper Perennial, 2011. $14.99.

Mightier Than the Sword: Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Battle for America

David S. Reynolds. W.W. Norton, 2011. 351 pages. $17.95 (paperback).