Book Reviews

Stamping Through Astronomy

Renato Dicati. Springer, 2013. 373 pages. $39.95 (paper); $29.99 (kindle).

Dreamland of Humanists: Warburg, Cassirer, Panofsky and the Hamburg School

Emily J. Levine. University of Chicago Press, 2013. 444 pages. $45.00.

Episodes with Wayne Thiebaud

Eve Aschheim and Chris Daubert. Black Square Editions, 2014. 104 pages. $20.00.

Voices of Cherokee Women

Edited by Carolyn Ross Johnston. John Blair, 2013. 295 pages. $12.95.

The Extreme Life of the Sea

Stephen R. and Anthony R. Palumbi. Princeton University Press. 2014. 225 pages. $27.95.

Higher Education in America

Derek Bok. Princeton University Press, 2013. 479 pages. $35.00.

Remaking College: Innovation and the Liberal Arts

Edited by Rebecca Chopp, Susan Frost, Daniel H. Weiss. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. 212 pages. $45.00.

Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record

Errol Fuller. Princeton University Press, 2014. 256 pages. $29.95.

Letters to a Young Scientist

Edward O. Wilson. Norton, 2013. 244 pages. $21.95.

Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an

Denise A. Spellberg. Alfred A. Knopf, 2013. 416 pages. $27.95.

Mortality’s Muse: The Fine Art of Dying

Donald T. Siebert. University of Delaware Press, 2013. 140 pages. $65.00.

The Call of Character: Living a Life Worth Living

Mari Ruti. Columbia University Press, 2014. 192 pages. $25.00.