Burger Wyzan Family Photo

The Burger-Wyzan family boasts an impressive four generations of Phi Beta Kappa members, beginning with a great grandmother, Hattie Solomon Burger, who was inducted in 1921 at Hunter College. Hattie had graduated in 1914, but was contacted to return for induction in 1921 after the Phi Beta Kappa chapter was installed. The subsequent generations are represented by Marjorie Burger Wyzan (ΦBK, Hunter College, 1949); Marjorie’s son Michael Louis Wyzan (ΦBK, Miami University of Ohio, 1975) and his wife Kie-Min Wyzan (ΦBK, Illinois State University, 1991); Marjorie’s son Daniel Stuart Wyzan (ΦBK, University of Delaware, 1979), and Marjorie’s grandson Samuel Joshua Wyzan (ΦBK, Florida State University, 2013). The two ΦBK family members in the photo below are Marjorie Burger Wyzan and grandson Samuel Joshua Wyzan.