From the Secretary

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From the Secretary: Collaboration with Chapters and Campus Leadership

We are reaching out to engage at the campus level as more institutions confront hard choices and as those choices threaten to undermine the possibilities for a robust arts and sciences experience.

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From the Secretary: The Value of Liberal Education to Democracy

Liberal education in particular cultivates the capacity to deal with complexity and diversity and not be threatened by differences of opinion.

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From the Secretary: A Year of Uncertainties and Opportunities

The creativity and energy characteristic of the liberal arts enables us to continue our growth and our positive impact on the lives of our members and our nation.

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From the Secretary: Love of Learning in a Time of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the resilience, generosity, and courage of our ΦBK family.

From the Secretary: Commitment to the Common Good

Phi Beta Kappa has a unique voice to contribute to conversations that matter today.

From the Secretary: ΦBK’s Nonpartisan Advocacy

Phi Beta Kappa addresses efforts to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.

From the Secretary: Shifting Perceptions of Higher Education

Phi Beta Kappa has an important role to play in affirming the benefits of education, especially liberal arts education, for all of society.

From the Secretary: Opening Doors to Opportunity

Earning a key symbolizes a founding American ideal that many have questioned lately: opening the doors to opportunity based on merit.

From the Secretary: Mapping the Future of ΦBK

The Society recently adopted a new strategic plan, “Mapping the Future of the Phi Beta Kappa Society,” that focuses on ΦBK’s potential role in a changing world.

From the Secretary: Preparation for an Engaged Civic Life

A free and self-governing people require engaged and informed members of society. For this project, liberal arts education remains absolutely essential.

From the Secretary: Advocacy in Polarized Times

Our advocacy efforts are essential, especially in polarized times. The value of higher education, and the liberal arts in particular, requires champions on both sides of the aisle.

From the Secretary: The Relevance and Vitality of the Liberal Arts and Sciences

I am inspired by the way in which new members understand how liberal education prepares them for their future, and how they reject the false dichotomy of being prepared for either a meaningful life or a productive life.