Summer 2019

From the Secretary: Opening Doors to Opportunity

Earning a key symbolizes a founding American ideal that many have questioned lately: opening the doors to opportunity based on merit. Continue reading →

Member Spotlght

Paging “Dr. Nnoka”

Tracking the decades-long career of Catherine Nnoka (ΦBK, Georgetown) emphasizes the power of critical thinking and the advantages of a liberal arts and sciences education. Continue reading →


The Wanders of the Arts & Sciences

Once you feel reinvigorated from your summer wanderings, please consider taking some easy steps to promote the value of quality arts and sciences experiences at toolkit.pbk.org. Continue reading →

ΦBK Visiting Scholar Nicola M. Courtright

Nicola M. Courtright, William McCall Vickery 1957 Professor of the History of Art at Amherst College, lectures on “Imagining Feminine Power in European Art.” Continue reading →

Walter J. Jensen Fellow Begins Studies in France

Yale doctoral candidate Jason Hong gives ΦBK an update on his research in France. Continue reading →

Magic, Health, and Healing in Classical Antiquity

Research update from Jessica Lamont (ΦBK, William & Mary), Phi Beta Kappa’s 2019 Mary Isabel Sibley Fellow. Continue reading →

Using Art History as a Tool to Understand the Human Experience

Jeffrey Hom (ΦBK, Bowdoin College), a board-certified internist and policy advisor in the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, is Bowdoin’s 2019 Common Good Award recipient. Continue reading →

Book Reviews

De Gaulle

Julian Jackson. Harvard University Press, 2018. 877 pages. $39.95. Continue reading →

Laika’s Window: The Legacy of a Soviet Space Dog

Kurt Caswell. Trinity University Press, 2018. 242 pages. $24.95. Continue reading →

Magic, Monsters, and Make-Believe Heroes: How Myth and Religion Shape Fantasy Culture

Douglas E. Cowan. University of California Press, 2019. 240 pages. $85.00. Continue reading →

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