Max Marshall photo

Chords in Chorus, with Max Marshall

Max Marshall (ΦBK, Columbia University), author of Among the Bros: A Fraternity Crime Story (2023), talks about his love of reading, his journey as a writer, and his family tradition of Phi Beta Kappa.

Wasserstrom photo

Continuing the Conversation: Revisiting a Visiting Scholar

How can you be a good global citizen in this challenging era when it’s hard to know what sources to trust? Past ΦBK Visiting Scholar Jeffrey Wasserstrom shares some advice.

Spring Flowers Computer

Introducing Key Reporter’s Writers for Spring 2024

The Society’s Writing Internship Program is for new ΦBK members who are looking for an opportunity to gain professional experience and support ΦBK’s mission. Next deadline to apply is June 14!

Angel Martinez-Martinez student awardee

A Quest to Open Doors for Young Learners

Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Greater Austin has been fostering life-long learning for more than two decades. Learn about their impressive record of providing scholarships for high school students and for older adults.

Dan O'Brien photo

Writing in Truth and in Full, with Dan O’Brien

Delving into the most complicated, personal, implicative narratives in his own life and in the lives of those he cares about most, Dan O’Brien (ΦBK, Middlebury College) is doing for others what the confessional poets did for him.

Ed Ray photo

From Breaking Barriers to Breaking Knots: Ed Ray Reflects on a Lifelong Journey with ΦBK

Oregon State University President Emeritus Ed Ray (ΦBK, Queens College) almost skipped his induction until a neighbor, Kay Bowers, stepped in.

Donald Spector photo

Hobart and William Smith Colleges 150 Years of ΦBK

ΦBK Chapter President and Professor of Physics Donald Spector reflects on the enduring value of Phi Beta Kappa for our times.

Dennis Yamashita photo

Puget Sound Association Appeals to Young Professionals

Dennis Yamashita, president of Phi Beta Kappa’s Puget Sound Association, draws on the vital role of in-person networking for the area’s younger members.

Julie Story Byerley photo

Leaning in to Leadership with Confidence and Humility

Julie Story Byerley (ΦBK, Rhodes College) is the Dean of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, the President of Geisinger College of Health Sciences, and the Chief Academic Officer of Geisinger Health System.

Frederick M. Lawrence photo

From the Secretary: A Well-Rounded Education Is Not Limited to an Undergraduate Timespan

An arts and sciences education is not a luxury for simple times—it is a necessity for challenging times. 

2023 Book Awards

ΦBK is pleased to announce the winners of our three annual book awards. These $10,000 prizes are given to outstanding works of non-fiction that engage a wide audience with important ideas in science, history, and literature. 

Arts and Sciences Initiative image

Humanities at the Crossroads: Reflections, Intersections, and New Directions

Read about ΦBK’s role in the National Humanities Conference, co-hosted by the State Federation of Humanities Councils, the National Humanities Alliance, and Indiana Humanities in Indianapolis.