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New York Association Opens Doors with Scholarships

ΦBKNY is investing in the next generation through a scholarship program benefitting New York City-area community college graduates.

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A Deeper Look into Wittgenstein

James Klagge (ΦBK, College of William and Mary) brings history, philosophy, and poetry together in his newest books on Ludwig Wittgenstein.

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At the Crossroads of Medicine and the Arts: Dr. Joel Cooper

With a career spanning both journalism and medicine, Cooper (ΦBK, University of Denver) balances his scientific interests with a passion for music and photography.

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Changes to DC Phi Beta Kappa’s Mentorship Program Offer Opportunities for Better, More Inclusive Mentorship

DCΦBK President Rebecca DeSantis Randall discusses the mentorship program, its evolution, and her own experience with the program when she was a student.

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Longtime Key Reporter Editor, Barbara Ryan

Journalism was among her true loves. As a leading practitioner of her art, Ryan was able to create and carefully craft the telling of events that she knew would change lives.

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What Graduating ΦBK During the Pandemic Meant to Me

Chloe White is a 2021 Washington University Phi Beta Kappa inductee and the winner of this year’s PBKNY Essay Contest.

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From the Secretary: Report from the Triennial Council

This past summer, we convened the 46th ΦBK Triennial Council, the first ever to be entirely virtual. We gathered to celebrate the fundamental role that liberal arts and sciences education plays in our society and our democracy.

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Visiting Scholar Marta Tienda

Tienda (ΦBK, Michigan State University), professor emerita of sociology at Princeton University, is one of 13 prominent scholars in the liberal arts and sciences selected to serve as a ΦBK Visiting Scholar during the 2021-2022 academic year. 

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New ΦBK Chapters Created

Phi Beta Kappa voted to establish three new chapters at the 46th Triennial Council. The Society awarded new chapters to Phi Beta Kappa faculty at Providence College, Rollins College, and University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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ΦΒΚ President & Vice President Elected

The Society is pleased to announce the election of Peter Quimby as president of the Society. Esther Jones was elected as vice president. Both positions are for a three-year term from 2021 to 2024. The election took place August 5 at the Society’s 46th Triennial Council. 

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Key Connections Returns, Virtually and In Person

For the fifth year in a row, Phi Beta Kappa has partnered with our local associations in cities across the country for Key Connections, an event series designed to welcome recent inductees and members who might have recently relocated.

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Fall to It?

To help chapter institutions and our alumni members meet the moment, the Society’s National Arts & Sciences Initiative offers a number of new resources.