Noah Chichester photo

We Can Still Sing

During Spain’s two-month quarantine, Noah Chichester (ΦBK, SUNY Geneseo) found a way to connect his community: music.

Hyland with a khipu photo

Anthropologist Sabine Hyland on Khipus, the Chanka, and Fieldwork in the Andes

Hyland (ΦBK, Cornell) is a professor at The University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland where she heads the Native American Philology working group, which aims to think about khipus in the broader picture of American textual traditions.

Secretary Lawrence and Ken Ono photo

Key Conversations Kicks Off Its Third Year

The podcast has had a number of special episodes that highlight ΦBK members and award winners, including renowned author and MacArthur Fellow Edwidge Danticat (ΦBK, Barnard College), the 2019 Lebowitz Prize winners Michael E. Bratman (ΦBK, Haverford College) and Margaret P. Gilbert, and the 2019 ΦBK Book Award recipients Imani Perry, Adam Frank, and Sarah Igo.

Susan Wolf photo

Visiting Scholar Susan R. Wolf

Susan R. Wolf (ΦΒΚ, Yale University), the Edna J. Koury Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is one of 16 prominent scholars in the liberal arts and sciences selected to serve as a Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Key Connections graphic

Key Connections Goes Virtual

Although the Society’s fourth annual Key Connections program looks different this fall, our commitment to offering a warm welcome to recent graduates is stronger than ever.

US Capitol

The Art and Science of Encouraging Public Service at a Critical Time

When the Society began accepting applications for our Key into Public Service program last fall, we could never have imagined how health, economic, and racial justice crises would soon make clear the crucial need for arts and sciences in government.

Frederick M. Lawrence photo

From the Secretary: A Year of Uncertainties and Opportunities

The creativity and energy characteristic of the liberal arts enables us to continue our growth and our positive impact on the lives of our members and our nation.

Bob Colyer and family photo

What Do You Teach? A Brief Essay on Education

Bob Colyer (ΦBK, Dartmouth College) has been a highly successful instructor, coach, and administrator on the high school and college levels. He is the author of Swim Better: A Guide to Greater Efficiency for Swimmers and Instructors.

Ellen Ochoa photo

Ellen Ochoa on the Importance of Representation in Science

Former director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, engineer and astronaut Ellen Ochoa (ΦBK, San Diego State University) now serves as chair of the National Science Board.

Titan book cover

Graphic Novelist François Vigneault

François Vigneault (ΦBK, Reed College), a freelance cartoonist, illustrator, designer, is the co-creator of the YA comic book series 13e Avenue.

William Monroe Trotter photo

Publisher and Early Civil Rights Icon William Monroe Trotter

A founder of the Boston Guardian and the Niagara Movement, Trotter was the first African American ΦBK member elected by the Harvard chapter.

Nicholas Johnson photo

Princeton Student Makes History as First Black Valedictorian

Nicholas André G. Johnson graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton in May 2020. He begins his Ph.D. studies at MIT in the fall.