J.D. Trout Gives 2013 Romanell Lectures

The Romanell-ΦBK Professorship recognizes distinguished achievement and contributions to the public understanding of philosophy.

Burma’s Irrawady Literature Festival Illustrates Human Rights Improvement

Last month’s Irrawady International Literature Festival in Rangoon is one of the biggest indicators of social change in the country.

UC Santa Cruz Chapter Inducts Noted Alum

In June, Wick Haxton will be inducted as an honorary member by Upsilon of California for his life-long dedication to the advancement of science and science education.

Writing for the Real World

By demonstrating the connection between clear thinking and clear writing, some new ways of teaching give students reasoning skills that remain with them, no mater where they go after college.

Do Big Words Really Matter?

Yes! In other words, the words a person knows can be a big indicator of their future success, or failure, as a student and in the workplace.

Remembering Murray Drabkin

Phi Beta Kappa is deeply saddened to mark the passing of one of our greatest friends and supporters, Murray Drabkin, who served as president of the Fellows for more than a decade.

Higher Education and Democracy in Burma

Providing its people with the tools to face the responsibilities of citizenship that lie ahead is the crucial next phase for Burma.

Gloria Steinem, Education in Feminism

Advocacy for choice lies at the root of ΦBK member Gloria Steinem’s worldview and carries implications for the study of the liberal arts in higher education.

Liberal Arts Education Brings Passion to Problem Solving

C. Thomas Work (ΦBK, Dickinson College, 1974) received the 2013 Thun Award in recognition of his service to the Reading Musical Foundation and the Reading Health System.

Writing Internships

Intern with a nationally recognized organization in Washington, D.C., without having to leave your home campus!

George N. Leighton

Judge, professor of law, and civil rights advocate George N. Leighton (ΦBK, Howard University, 1972) is a legal legend who made a difference in the lives of hundreds of Americans.

Following the Truth

The struggle that UVA went through is symbolic of the struggles public universities face as state funding shrinks and the direction of education is questioned.