Book Reviews

Horace cover image

Horace: Epodes, Odes, and Carmen Saeculare

Edited and translated by Stephanie McCarter. University of Oklahoma Press, 2020. 594 pages. $34.95.

Archaeology from Space cover image

Archaeology From Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past

Sarah Parcak. Henry Holt and Co., 2019. 288 pages. $30.00.

Craft in the Real World cover image

Craft in the Real World: Rethinking Fiction Writing and Workshopping

Matthew Salesses. Catapult, 2021. 228 pages. $16.95.

Why Writing Matters cover image

Why Writing Matters

Nicholas Delbanco. Yale University Press, 2020. 258 pages. $26.00.

Universe cover image

Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide

Martin Rees, General Editor. Third Edition. DK/Smithsonian, 2020. 528 pages. $50.00.

City on a Hill cover image

City on a Hill: A History of American Exceptionalism

Abram C. Van Engen. Yale University Press, 2020. 392 pages. $30.00.

Robert E. Lee and Me cover image

Robert E. Lee and Me: A Southerner’s Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause

Ty Seidule. St. Martin’s Press, 2020. 291 pages. $27.99.

A Military History of the Cold War cover image

A Military History of the Cold War, 1962-1991 (Volume 70, Campaigns and Commanders Series)

Jonathan M. House. Oklahoma University Press, 2020. 450 pages. $50.00.

The Last Brahmin cover image

The Last Brahmin: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. and the Making of the Cold War

Luke A. Nichter. Yale University Press, 2020. 527 pages. $37.50.

The Fire Is Upon Us cover image

The Fire Is upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America

Nicholas Buccola. Princeton University Press, 2019. 482 pages. $29.95.

Walker Evans Starting from Scratch cover image

Walker Evans: Starting from Scratch

Svetlana Alpers. Princeton University Press, 2020. 257 pages, 143 plates. $39.95.

We Do Not Want the Gates Closed Between Us cover image

We Do Not Want the Gates Closed Between Us: Native Networks and the Spread of the Ghost Dance

Justin Gage. University of Oklahoma Press, 2020. 376 pages. $45.00.