Shapley-Matthews Family Photo

From left to right: June Matthews (ΦBK, Carleton College, 1960), Mildred Shapley Matthews (ΦBK, University of Michigan, 1936), and Martha Matthews (ΦBK, Swarthmore College, 1984). This photo was taken in Stockholm, Sweden in December, 2012 at a rather special occasion: the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences to Mildred’s brother, Lloyd Shapley.

Mildred, who has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a research associate and scientific editor in astronomy, will be celebrating her 100th birthday on February 15, 2015! June recently retired after 40 years on the faculty in physics at MIT, and Martha is an attorney working in the area of public interest and civil rights law. Not pictured: Mildred’s granddaughter Karleanne Matthews (ΦBK, University of Hawaii, 2012).