Spring 2019

From the Secretary: Mapping the Future of ΦBK

The Society recently adopted a new strategic plan, “Mapping the Future of the Phi Beta Kappa Society,” that focuses on ΦBK’s potential role in a changing world. Continue reading →

Member Spotlght

Free to Dream: May-lee Chai

ΦBK member May-lee Chai’s work spans genres, eras, and languages. Her new collection of short stories, Useful Phrases for Immigrants, was published in October. Continue reading →


Cultivating Arts & Sciences Champions

Our spring plans for the National Arts and Sciences Initiative include developing new tools, resources, and opportunities for members… Continue reading →

Shaping YOUR Phi Beta Kappa Experience

“ΦBK represents an additional open door. The opportunities and friends are yours, if you are just willing to walk through.” —Ashleigh Hildebrand Ross (ΦBK, Oklahoma State University) Continue reading →

Journalist, Arts Advocate, Philanthropist: Celestia Bailey Smithgall

At nearly 108 years old, Celestia “Lessie” Bailey Smithgall may be the oldest living member of Phi Beta Kappa. Continue reading →

Book Reviews

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