Member Spotlight

Marjorie Hass photo

Marjorie Hass: Interdisciplinary Study and Leadership

“One of the most important things about Phi Beta Kappa is that it keeps alive the importance of the liberal arts. It is a real mark of deep commitment to high-quality learning and teaching.” —Marjorie Hass (ΦBK, Austin College), President of the Council of Independent Colleges

Nobel Prize image

ΦBK Members Win 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

For the “discovery and synthesis of quantum dots,” three laureates shared this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and two of them, Moungi G. Bawendi (ΦBK, Harvard College) and Louis E. Brus (ΦBK, Rice University) are Phi Beta Kappa members.

Amy Hess photo

Violist Amy Hess Responds to Pandemic by Creating a New Music Program

Amy Hess (ΦBK, Oberlin College) is the co-founder of the Fulton Music Society, a nonprofit organization that helps develop well-rounded musicians through a diverse, holistic curriculum.

Adam Phillippy photo

Exploring Genome Research with Adam Phillippy

Adam Phillippy (ΦBK, Loyola University Maryland) discusses the genesis of his career and his thoughts about the importance of Phi Beta Kappa.

Allison Dickinson photo

Allison Dickson Inspires Others as a New Team Member at Patterson Law Group

“I want to help remind clients that things are not always easy, but if possible, the world is always open for anything.” —Allison Dickson.

Salamishah Tillet photo

Salamishah Tillet

Author, activist, and cultural critic Salamishah Tillet (ΦBK, University of Pennsylvania) received the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in criticism for her New York Times essays on race in arts and culture.

David McCullough photo

Member Spotlight: David McCullough

McCullough was a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the first in 1993 for Truman, his biography of the 33rd president of the United States. He won his second Pulitzer in 2002 for John Adams.

Connor Hall photo

Colorado Gains Insights from New Recreation Industry Director

Graduating ΦBK from Earlham College in 2013, Conor Hall’s degree in political science and government has propelled him into Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry with additional missions of saving the environment and promoting sustainable and healthy living.

William Monroe Trotter photo

William Monroe Trotter

Trotter earned graduate and postgraduate degrees at Harvard University and was the first man of color to become a ΦBK member there in 1895. Learn more about Harvard’s recently established William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice.

Chisama Penn photo

Custom Tradition: Supporting Women Artisans

For the founder of Custom Tradition, Chisama Ku Penn (ΦBK, Earlham College), learning has been about centering other individuals and communities, understanding their needs as they define them.

Laurie L. Patton photo

Member Spotlight: Laurie L. Patton

Patton (ΦBK, Harvard University) is the 17th president of Middlebury College and the first woman to lead the institution in its 218-year history.

Amanda Gorman photo

Youngest Inaugural Poet in U.S. History

Amanda Gorman (ΦBK, Harvard University) recited “The Hill We Climb” at the January 20 Inauguration of President Joe Biden.