Voices and Ideas

  • The Business of Education

    Thirty years after graduating ΦBK from Dartmouth, Jeffrey Thomas is using his skill as a business executive to help promote education the in US and abroad.

  • The Art of Lifelong Learning

    Artist Terri deNatale (ΦBK, University of Maine, 2013) recently opened her first solo exhibition, tilted Go West, at Texas A&M-Texarkana.

  • Dismantling Stereotypes

    A native of Georgia in Eastern Europe, Ia Tserodze describes her ΦBK membership as her own evidence that she really could achieve anything she set out to do.

  • On Free Speech Through a New Lens

    ΦBK, Participant Media, and the University of Southern California hosted a live-stream discussion of free expression with national leaders in film, journalism, and digital media …