Tiered Tuition Threatens Liberal Arts Education

Florida college students in the liberal arts may soon be paying higher tuition rates than their peers in technical fields.

The Power of Books

Nina Sankovitch (ΦBK, Tufts University, 1984) began reading one book a day after the death of her sister. She discusses the many benefits of a reader’s life, beyond the healing.

Is the Examined Life Worth Living?

Interview with James Miller, chair of Liberal Studies and professor of politics at The New School, and the author of Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche.

“But Wait! There’s More!” Seeing Beyond the Score

Measuring non-cognitive attributes could provide insight into an applicant’s potential success at a given institution, ultimately improving its retention rates.

Garreth Heidt Named Teacher of the Year

ΦBK member Garreth Heidt has been named Teacher of the Year by the Touchstones Discussion Project, which fosters critical thinking and social skills through class discussion.

Pogge Lectures on Global Poverty and the Health Impact Fund

The ΦBK chapter at Agnes Scott College brings Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale and President of IHF, to campus.

Practical and Historical Implications of Voter ID Laws

In the continuing effort to ensure voter credibility since the last election, our country must work to guarantee that the rights of American citizens are not abridged.

Phi Beta Kappa Welcomes Oklahoma State University to Its Ranks

OSU is home to one of three new Phi Beta Kappa chapters awarded in August at the 43rd Triennial Council. The chapter will induct its first new members on May 3.

Why Would You Ever Take Latin?

Why must an academic undertaking be a means to an end? Why not be brave? Why not pursue an academic undertaking because the pursuit itself is intrinsically wonderful?

Finding Purpose with Ben Michaelis

Find out how this ΦBK member and clinical psychologist embraces the liberal arts to help others pursue more satisfying lives.

ΦBK Honors Massachusetts Cultural Council for Arts and Sciences Efforts

On May 1, Phi Beta Kappa presented its second Key of Excellence award and $5,000 to the Massachusetts Cultural Council at Boston Symphony Hall.

Nobel Prize image

Two Phi Beta Kappa Members Win Nobel Prize in Economics

Eugene F. Fama (ΦBK, Tufts University 1959), Robert J. Shiller (ΦBK, University of Michigan, 1967), and Lars Peter Hansen share the 2013 Nobel in Economic Sciences.