Not Dead Yet

A college English major replies to Joseph Epstein’s “Who Killed the Liberal Arts? And Why We Should Care.”

Anna Schwartz

Described by Financial Times as “one of those few economists who changed our understanding of the world,” Anna Schwartz worked for decades on innovative economic policy research.

Daniel Joseph Edelman: A Revolutionary in His Field

Daniel Joseph Edelman (ΦBK, Columbia College, 1940) revolutionized the public relations industry and founded the world’s largest public relations firm.

Anthropology for the People

In his 16 years as executive director of the American Anthropological Association, Bill Davis strived to make anthropology accessible and understandable to the public.

The Kieffer Amendment

Evelyn Thompson Kieffer, a longtime leader of the Southern California Association of Phi Beta Kappa, was at the center of one of the most important moments in Society history.

Phi Beta Kappa Summer Academy

An inspiring new program from the Alumni Assocation of Greater Houston imparts the importance of Phi Beta Kappa and liberal education to high school students.

An Interview with Barbara Jones

I encourage all key holders to get active in the Chicago Association, or the association in their local area. Take a look at all the upcoming programs—from art to jazz to Second City! There is bound to be something to interest you.

Liberal Arts Scholars as Leaders: The Case of James M. Moudy

Moudy’s love of learning served as guide and example for the growth of TCU and expanded reach of Phi Beta Kappa.

Poe Finally Comes Home

Phi Beta Kappa member Stefanie Rocknak has been selected by the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston to create a statue commemorating Poe in the city of his birth.

J.D. Trout Gives 2013 Romanell Lectures

The Romanell-ΦBK Professorship recognizes distinguished achievement and contributions to the public understanding of philosophy.

Burma’s Irrawady Literature Festival Illustrates Human Rights Improvement

Last month’s Irrawady International Literature Festival in Rangoon is one of the biggest indicators of social change in the country.

UC Santa Cruz Chapter Inducts Noted Alum

In June, Wick Haxton will be inducted as an honorary member by Upsilon of California for his life-long dedication to the advancement of science and science education.