A Philosophy To Live By

In the theology of Iris Murdoch, Maria Antonaccio finds a philosophy in the ancient sense, or a religion in the contemporary sense.

Never Such Innocence Again: The Life and Works of Paul Fussell

Remembering Paul Fussell, recipient of a 1976 Emerson Award for his study of the cultural impact of World War I.

Madeline Miller Wins Orange Prize

Phi Beta Kappa member receives the Orange Prize for her first novel, The Song of Achilles.

Obama vs. Romney: The Higher Education Debate

Obama and Romney support some similar measures, yet there are noticeable differences in their budget plans for student loans and Pell Grant awards.

Rhetoric and Reflection on the Campaign Trail

When vague rhetoric and lofty appeals trump policies and platforms, voters face not a fork in the road but an amorphous mass of words and ideas.

Re-seeking Our Humanity in the Humanities

Sally L. Kitch, founding director of the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University, talks about the National Press Club forum on the humanities.

Stopping Grade Inflation Not So Simple

Student evaluations, among many other things, are used to determine issues such as tenure, promotions, and salary increases. What role do they play in grade inflation?

Katherine Soule Takes Office

Read about newly elected President Katherine Soule’s vision for the future of Phi Beta Kappa.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The Twin Cities Association, launched in 2008, celebrates its official charter this year.

James William Newcomer: A Passionate, Lifelong Learner

An active member of Phi Beta Kappa for 79 remarkable years, Newcomer worked to establish the Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Texas Christian University in 1971.

Interview with Yaël Lewin

Her award-winning biography, Night’s Dancer, is about Janet Collins, the first African-American woman to be hired as a full-time ballet dancer for the Metropolitan Opera.

The Extinction of Languages

Languages are tied to the cultures and identities of people, and they hold an abundance of knowledge that we risk losing as languages go extinct.