Finding Phi Beta Kappa in the Holiday Season

In the spirit of the season, ΦBK has a trivia question for you to share around the holiday table: Which Christmas film classic mentions Phi Beta Kappa? Yep. That’s right!

Key of Excellence Award

The first ever recipient of the Key of Excellence Award: Arizona State University’s Project Humanities.

Key of Excellence Award

Project Director Neal Lester accepted the inaugural Key of Excellence Award and a $5,000 prize for Arizona State University’s Project Humanities on December 4 in Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Richter’s Relief through Nature

ΦBK member’s poem greets new moms at Kaiser Permanente’s Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Benefits of Study Abroad

A student’s liberal arts curriculum in a different cultural context can put learning to the test.

A Look Back at Title IX

Women have been given equal opportunity and access, but in some fields, equal access has not been synonymous with equal realization.

Kathleen Woodward and the Public Humanities

New ΦBK Senator is prepared to take on critical questions about higher education and the role of the humanities.

Churchill Speaks at National Press Club

Are we losing our humanity? A forum hosted by Arizona State University in our nation’s capitol this fall explored the proliferation of technology and its impact.

The American Scholar Lecture Revisited

At Furman University, a new ΦBK tradition is reimagining the role of learning in American culture.

A Philosophy To Live By

In the theology of Iris Murdoch, Maria Antonaccio finds a philosophy in the ancient sense, or a religion in the contemporary sense.

Never Such Innocence Again: The Life and Works of Paul Fussell

Remembering Paul Fussell, recipient of a 1976 Emerson Award for his study of the cultural impact of World War I.

Madeline Miller Wins Orange Prize

Phi Beta Kappa member receives the Orange Prize for her first novel, The Song of Achilles.