Richard Lingeman and the Noir Forties

ΦBK member and executive editor of The Nation, Lingeman traces the evolution of cultural and political attitudes that defined an entire generation of Americans.

Anne Tria Wise Joins National Arts & Sciences Initiative

We are very happy to announce that ΦBK’s new National Arts & Sciences Initiative has attracted a superb leader.

Religious Diversity on American College Campuses

What can the increase of Muslim students at America’s Catholic universities teach us about faith identity, tolerance, and inter-faith dialogue?

“Electrified” Compositions: Effects of Technology on Student Writers

New media is often blamed for the decline in writing ability among college students, but some experts in composition observe trends that might surprise skeptics.

The Far-Reaching Influence of the Roman World: Interview with Christopher B. Krebs

Krebs is the author of A Most Dangerous Book, this year’s winner of the Gauss Award for literary scholarship and criticism.

Innovations in Teaching: Ashes2Art

Arne Flaten (ΦBK, Saint Olaf College, 1989) works with students to digitally reconstruct ancient monuments through hands on research and 3D computer modeling.

McDaniel College Honors Zengel Sisters

Scholar-scientists Janet Zengel Messer and twin sister Janice Zengel are inducted as alumni members at McDaniel College.

Watching the Lights Go Out

Physician David Hilfiker (ΦBK, Yale University, 1964) adds his perspective to Alzheimer’s by blogging about his own struggle with the disease.

Global Warming and the Fate of Greenland: Interview with Philip Conkling

A co-author of this year’s Science Book Award winner explains why we should all be paying close attention to what is happening in Greenland.

College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be

Andrew Delbanco (ΦBK, Harvard University, 1972) visits Washington College to discuss his latest book, College.

Book Awards image

Our Annual Book Awards Winners

ΦBK Book Awards are given each year for outstanding scholarly works in the liberal arts and sciences. Read about this year’s winners.

Tiered Tuition Threatens Liberal Arts Education

Florida college students in the liberal arts may soon be paying higher tuition rates than their peers in technical fields.